• Example 1
    Example 1
    Opens and display a shapefile in a Windows application using the EGIS.Controls.SFMap Shapefile map control.
  • Example 2
    Example 2
    Opens a shapefile and displays a description of the shapefile attributes using the EGIS.ShapeFileLib class library.
  • Example 3
    Example 3
    Opens a shapefile and creates a new shapefile using the EGIS.ShapeFileLib ShapeFile and ShapeFileWriter classes.
  • Example 4
    Example 4
    Converts a shapefile to a Google Earth KML file using the EGIS.ShapeFileLib class library.
  • Example 5
    Example 5
    Displays a GPS position marker on a map using the EGIS.Controls.SFMap control.
  • Example 8
    Example 6
    Extends Example 5 and shows a map displayed in a Windows Form, with background tiles from Open Street Map
  • Example 8
    Shows how to use an ICustomRenderSettings class to render roads in different colors based on the road type. The example also show how to render a POI point shapefile with different icons depending on the POI category.
  • CRS Example
    Coordinate Reference System (CRS) Transformation Utility to convert shapefile coordinates into a new CRS. The utility can transform from projected coordinates to WGS84 geodetic coordinates.
  • ShpToMapboxVT Example
    ShpToMapboxVT Shapefile to Mapbox Vector Tile. Utility to generate Mapbox .mvt vector tiles from a shapefile.
  • Code Snippets
    Code snippets including creating and loading a shapefile using MemoryStreams.